Full time Programmes

1.    Bachelor of Music  Duration 2 Years Full Time

The purpose of the programme is to provide a comprehensive scientific in music education. It provides a broad theoretical and research oriented as well as thorough training in instrumental performance skills.

 2.    National Certificate in Music  Duration 1 Year Full Time

This is a feeder programme of the Advanced Certificate in Music.

Entry into this programme requires 5 ‘O’ Levels and high level of music aptitude.

3.    Advanced Certificate in Music Duration 1 year  Fulltime

This is a feeder programme of the Bachelor of Music.

Entry requirements is National Certificate in Music.

Part-time Programmes

1.Individual Tuition Programme

The student has anopportunity to choose a special instrument of own choice. One gets to learn from the pros on a one on one basis. The instruments includes traditional and western. Traditional Instruemnts include; marimba, mbira,ngoma, chipendani.

Western instruments
include: keyboard, piano, guitar (lead, bass, jazz, acoustic), drums, violin,
flute, Trumpet, trombone, saxophone

 2.Saturday Pop Workshop

The program runs for 12 weeks during school terms and is meant to introduce participants to various instruments in a band set up.

 3. Adventures in Music

This course is designed for the children aged between 4 and 8 years. The thrust is in nurturing the music talent at a tender age. Children are taught to read music and on the other side explore various instruments from traditional to western.

4. Sound Engineering

This is a course designed for aspiring and current sound engineering to learn about the needs of the market in sound engineering

Career prospects

1.  Entrepreneur

2.  Publicist ( advertising )

3.  Music Promoter

4.  Music Manager

5.  Recording company executive

6.Repertoire agent for recording companies

7.  Musician

8.  Composer

9.  Producer

10.  Station manager

11.  Broadcaster

12.  DJ / Radio announcer




13.  Media consultant / officer

14.  Liaison officer

 15.  Audio producer

16.  Audio / sound designer

17.  Audio programmer

18.  Sound editor

19.  Music or arts administrator

20.  Music publisher

21.  Audio archivist

22.  Music critic

23.  Music librarian

24.  Researcher

       25.  Teacher / educator