Background information

The Zimbabwe College of Music (ZCM) was established in 1948 by a dedicated musician and teacher Eileen Reynolds who saw the need for a centre to be established where music could be taught and appreciated. It was then officially constituted in July 1948. The college exists as a Trust and offers music education from the National Certificate in Music to the Bachelor of Music Degree in Jazz and Ethnomusicology. The teaching philosophy is multi-cultural, so the programmes embrace Western classical, Zimbabwean traditional and Jazz curricula. It is dedicated to celebrating the fascinating music of Zimbabwe’s cultural musical heritage that is attracting interest worldwide.

Our people

ZCM is led by a dynamic and focused team of professionals with extensive experience in teaching music. The team has vast experience in theory of music and instruments from all genres of music.

Our Customers

Everyone at ZCM is passionate about what we do. We are also conscious about the impact we have – as individuals and as a company- on our  community and our environment. Our customers are everyone in the nation who has an interest in music.